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Data Processing (Level 1)

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Data Processing (Level 1)

This Basic Data Processing course will teach you about the Basics of Computer and expose you to the computer programs used to manage and analyze data. You can also learn how to use software and hardware, Learners must complete this level before they can proceed to the more advanced DP Level 2.

Enroll (NGN 1000.00)

Data Processing teaches how data is collected, stored and retrieval. It covers Data generation, processing, transformation and transmission. This course will teach the components of data processing, (i.e. hardware and software components, file management and organization).

This course is for those who work or are intending to work in the business sectors that require data generation and management. It is also good for students of Data Proessing currently in Senior Secondary Schools and intending to take the WASSCE.

In this course, we start with Introduction to Computer, our assumption is that the student has never used a computer before. But if you know how to use a computer to get things done, that will be an advantage.

Welcome to the world of Data!


At Datasync we value innovation and encourages instructors to explore new approaches in teaching and learning. Our main goal is to use technology effectively in achieving these aims.

Length 8 Weeks
Effort 3 hours per Week
Live Chat Enabled
Fee NGN 1000.00