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Working with Windows

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Working with Windows

These course will help you get the most from Microsoft Windows. You will learn everything from how to manage your desktop and maximize the productivity of window.

Enroll (₦1,000.00)

Microsoft Windows is the most popular operating system, it parades some features that makes it stands out, including the Start menu. Windows 10 the current version innovates with lots of new features, including voice commands, new security features, and built in applications.

Windows has a widespread adoption for use in business and by individuals. This course will expose learners to those functions of Windows that will enhance their productivity and enhance their work.



At Datasync we value innovation and encourages instructors to explore new approaches in teaching and learning. Our main goal is to use technology effectively in achieving these aims.

Certificate Price
Length 12 Weeks
Effort 3 Hours per week
Live Chat Enabled
Fee ₦1,000.00