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Microsoft PowerPoint (2016)

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Microsoft PowerPoint (2016)

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Basic Course is designed for users of Microsoft Office apps who are new to PowerPoint and want to use PowerPoint to create and edit files, and create outputs that are professional and fit for all sorts of presentations.

Enroll (₦1,000.00)

This course is useful learners who have not previously used earlier versions of PowerPoint, and for those taht are using the application for the first time. The content of the course thoroughly cover key skill sets for using MS PowerPoint, but it also includes assigned practical tasks that will allow users to have the needed handson experience.

Learners will explore the PowerPoint environment and create a presentation. They will learn how to format text on slides to enhance clarity and apperance and also learn how to add graphical objects to a presentation and modify them. Other skill set they will learn includes how to add tables and charts to a presentation to present data in a structured form and then finalize a presentation. Finally, they will learn how to set up the presentation and display it to their audience.

Lesson 1: Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint

Lesson 2: Creating Slides

Lesson 3: Working with Images

Lesson 4: Using Shapes and SmartArt

Lesson 5: Adding Transitions and Animations

Lesson 6: Collaborating on Presentations

Lesson 7: Advanced PowerPoint Features

PowerPoint 2016 - Summary, Assignments and Quizes


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Certificate Price
Length 8 Weeks
Effort 2 hours per Week
Live Chat Enabled
Fee ₦1,000.00