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Microsoft Access (2016)

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Microsoft Access (2016)

This Introductory course to Microsoft Access 2016 is designed for learners who are interested in learning the fundamentals needed to create and modify basic Database using Microsoft Office Access 2016. It is for those that wants to sharpen their skills and those without prior knowledge of Access.

Enroll (₦1,000.00)

Microsoft Access is one of the most popular tools for managing data and databases. With MS Access Information can be stored, linked, and managed effectively. That is why MS Access is one of the most popular relational Database Management System RDBMS. In this course, learners will examine database concepts, and how to create and modify databases and their various objects using Microsoft Access 2016. This course is a prerequisite to taking the Intermediate course.

The course will enhance users ability to manipulate Access databases effectively.

Lesson 1: Introduction to Microsoft Access

Lesson 2: Database Basics

Lesson 3: Creating Tables

Lesson 4: Creating Queries

Lesson 5: Creating Forms

Lesson 6: Creating Reports

Lesson 7: Working with Data

Lesson 8: Advanced Database Management

Access 2016- Summry, Assignments and Quizes


At Datasync we value innovation and encourages instructors to explore new approaches in teaching and learning. Our main goal is to use technology effectively in achieving these aims.

Certificate Price
Length 8 Weeks
Effort 2 hours per Week
Live Chat Enabled
Fee ₦1,000.00